Department of Economics

Date Seminar Topic Faculty
June 04, 2021 Women Empowerment in Informal sector: In COVID and Post COVID in India Dr. Laila Memdani
June 25, 2021 Examining the factor structure of quality of Technical Education :Evidence from Punjab State of India Dr. Pooja Choudhary
July 30, 2021 Round Table on “Challenges for the policy makers in the context of uneven global economic recovery All Faculty
August 08, 2021 Three decades of Economic Reforms in India Dr. Tamma Koti Reddy
August 13, 2021 Reforms and Transformation of the Monetary & Banking sector Dr. Vighneswara Swamy
August 13, 2021 Unemployment in India: Concept, Measurement and Trends Dr. Pooja Choudhary
August 20, 2021 Philips Curve: Tradeoff  between Inflation & Unemployment Dr. Lagesh M.A.
August 20, 2021 Issues in India’s External Sector Dr. Aruna Kumar Dash
August 27, 2021 Relationship between City Size and Firm Productivity Prof. Pundarik Mukhopadhaya, Macquarie University, Australia
August 27, 2021 Market structures Dr. Subhendu Dutta
August 27, 2021 Non-performing Assets: Causes and Remedies Dr. Laila Memdani
September 01, 2021 Importance of Fiscal Discipline Dr. Tamma Koti Reddy
September 03, 2021 FRBM Act Dr. IRS Sarma
September 03, 2021 Regional Imbalances in India Dr. Tamma Koti Reddy
September 10, 2021 Economic Consequences of COVID 19 Dr. Shyam Sundar
September 10, 2021 Repo and Reverse Repo Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Paital
September 17, 2021 Inflation Targeting Dr. Suresh KG
September 17, 2021 Recent trends in Insurance sector Dr. Padmavathi V
September 24, 2021 Demonetisation Dr. M Aruna
September 24, 2021 The sharing Economy: Overview, significance & impact Dr. Neeraj Kumar
October 01, 2021 Environment and Economic Development Dr. Sushant Kumar Mahapatra
October 01, 2021 Relationship between CPI&WPI Dr. Lagesh M.A.
October 08, 2021 Raising Nationalism and the future of Globalisation Dr. Suresh KG
October 08, 2021 India’s Investment climate Dr. Vighneswara Swamy

Department of Finance & Accounting

Date Seminar Topic Faculty
July 31, 2021 Workshop on Prowess IQ - Hone Your Financial Abilities. Search Less Get More Prof. Sager Adavelli Reddy
Prof. Rajneesh Ranjan Jha
Prof. Nityanand Tripathi
Prof. Ranajee (Coordinator)
August 10, 2021 Workshop on Excel for Finance Dr. Bhanu Sirisha
August 12, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. M. Saritha
August 13, 2021 Workshop on Fundamentals of Blockchain and cryptocurrency Dr. C. Jyothi
August 19, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Richa Gupta
August 20, 2021 Workshop on Innovative Pedagogies in Teaching Accounts and Finance
Dr. Abhishek Sinha & Dr. Naseem
August 26, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. N S Sudesh
August 27, 2021 Workshop on Financial Modelling Using SAS -An Introduction Dr. Kaushik Bhattacharjee
September 02, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Md Sikandar Azam
September 03, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Satish Chandra Tiwari
September 08, 2021 Bibliometric Analysis using R Dr. P. Srikanth
September 09, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Rana Pratap
September 15, 2021 Workshop on Financial control of manufacturing management - Ratios Dr. T. Sitaramaiah
September 16, 2021 Workshop on Fintech Essentials Dr. Ranajee
September 17, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Jyoti Rao
September 22, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Sandhya
September 23, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Shree Jyothi
September 24, 2021 Workshop on Equity and Bond Portfolio Management Strategies Dr. VDMV Lakshmi
September 29, 2021 Workshop on Finance: History, Evolution and Contribution to Society Dr. D. Satish
September 30, 2021 Case Teaching & Knowledge Sharing Workshop Dr. Joy Chakraborty

Department of OB & HR

Date Seminar Topic Faculty
May 07, 2021 Case Teaching workshop series - HRP Dr. M. Bhasara Rao
May 21, 2021 Case Teaching workshop series - Succession Management Dr. Radhamohan
May 21, 2021 Online Teaching Tools Workshop Series 1-Use of Google Jam Board and Padlet for Remote Teaching. Dr. Sharda Singh
May 28, 2021 Case Teaching workshop series - Internal HR Marketing Dr. Surajit Saha
May 21, 2021 Online Teaching Tools Workshop Series 2 - Engaging students using Breakout Rooms, Slido and Mentimeter. Dr. Manish Gupta & Dr. Prerna Chhetri
July 30, 2021 Case discussion - HRA Dr. Sharda Singh
August 06, 2021 Case discussion - OB Dr. Rajasekhar
August 06, 2021 Impostor syndrome in workplace Dr. Neha Gahlawat
August 13, 2021 Emerging areas of research in Organizational Behavior Dr. Prerna Chhetri
August 13, 2021 Amendments in Labor Laws Dr. Showry
August 20, 2021 Impact of physical environment on work outcomes Prof.  Smita
August 20, 2021 Emerging areas of research in Human Resource Management Dr. Prerna Chhetri
August 27, 2021 Enhancing employee experience: techniques and strategies Dr. G. Ashok Kumar
August 27, 2021 Managing stress using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Dr. Raghavendra Sode
September 03, 2021 Emotional Intelligence at work: Concepts, trends and practice Dr. KBS Kumar
September 03, 2021 Workplace Stress Management; Concepts and Techniques Dr Preshita
September 10, 2021 Positive Psychology; past, present and future Dr. Sitamma
September 10, 2021 Philosophical Assumptions and Paradigms Behind Qualitative Inquiry Dr Musarrat Shaheen
September 17, 2021 Cyrus Mistry's exit as chairman of Tata-Goup Dr. Kranthi Kumar
September 17, 2021 Attracting and Retaining Best Talent Dr. Kalaa Chenji
September 24, 2021 Mindfulness and Workplace Dr. Kalaa Chenji
September 24, 2021 Techniques for forecasting of Human Resources Dr. Surajit Saha
October 01, 2021 Rising concerns about Health care Benefits Dr. Akbar Jan
October 01, 2021 Gamification in HRM Dr. Namrata Chatterjee
October 08, 2021 Employer Branding; research trends and practice Dr. Asha Binu Raj
October 08, 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dr. Md. Nayeem
October 15, 2021 Leadership Development Dr. Viswanatham

Department of Marketing & Strategy

Date Seminar Topic Faculty
July 23, 2021 Retail Management Simulation Game Dr. Pankaj Mohanty & Dr. Vaibhav Shekhar
July 30, 2021 Autonomous/controlled motivations for youth travellers: A self-determination theory perspective Dr. Anish Yousaf
August 06, 2021 Using YouTube for Effective Student Engagement Dr. Amar Raju
August 10, 2021 Using Eye-tracking in Marketing Research Dr. Rishi Dwesar
August 13, 2021 Using Substack for Knowledge Sharing Prof. Shailendra Singh
August 13, 2021 Perceptual Mapping using MDS Dr. Debajani Sahoo
August 17, 2021 Analyzing Textual data with the help of Orange (Open-source software) Dr. Vikas Gautam
August 20, 2021 The Power of Stories in Brand Management Dr. Sunny Bose
August 20, 2021 Use of Robotics in Services Marketing Dr. Anuja Agarwal
August 24, 2021 Technical analysis with reference to the Stock Market Dr. Shiv Ratan Agrawal
August 27, 2021 Teaching Rural Marketing through Cases Dr. G Vijayudu
August 27, 2021 Powering up Excel for Advanced Analytics and Visualization Dr. Surjit Kumar Kar
August 31, 2021 Case Teaching in B to B Marketing Dr. Dwarakanath
September 03, 2021 Analytics in Retail Management Dr. Vaibhav Shekhar
September 03, 2021 Case Teaching in Brand Management Dr. Anish Yousaf
September 07, 2021 Case Teaching in Marketing Management Dr. Gaurav Bhatt
September 14, 2021 Marketing 5.0 - The Changing Landscape Dr. Ramendra Pratap Singh
September 17, 2021 Teaching Ethics with Business Cases Dr. Sudeepta Pradhan
September 17, 2021 Teaching Entrepreneurship for Business Management students Prof. G K Srikanth
September 21, 2021 Teaching Strategy with Cases Prof. Sriram Rajann
September 24, 2021 Pre-sales in the Professional Services Industry Prof. G Mohan
September 28, 2021 Finding New Business Opportunities in FMCG Sectors Dr. Mukesh Mishra
October 01, 2021 Case Teaching in Managing Platform Business Course Dr. Anitha Acharya
October 01, 2021 Case Teaching in Integrated Marketing Communication Dr. Achyut Telang
October 22, 2021 Marketing and New Age technologies : A literature overview Dr. Ankur Srivastava
October 29, 2021 Google Studio a new tool for data visualization Dr. Souvik Roy

Department of Operations & IT

Date Seminar Topic Faculty
July 02, 2021 Publishing in a top journal: A confessional account Dr. Sumatra Sarkar (Binghamton University, USA): International Lecture Series
July 16, 2021 Industry 4.0 digital transformation Journey Dr. V P Gulati
July 30, 2021 Optimization of a supply chain considering uncertain demand and constraints on emissions Dr. Arindam Ghosh
August 04, 2021 Supply Chain Risk Management-1 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tarei
August 04, 2021 Reliability in risk Assessment Dr. Hasanuzzaman
August 06, 2021 Case workshop: Capacity Planning Dr. Siva Gabbita
August 09, 2021 Supply Chain Risk Management-2 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tarei
August 09, 2021 Sustainability in Operations Dr. Hasanuzzaman
August 10, 2021 R-Studio for Beginners Dr. Sumant Tiwari
August 11, 2021 Supply Chain Traceability Dr. Hasanuzzaman
August 11, 2021 Multi-Criteria Decision Modelling Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tarei
August 13, 2021 Case workshop: Webvan- groceries on the internet Dr. Krishana Dadsena
August 13, 2021 Future of Competitive Strategy Dr. Mohan Subramaniam
(Carroll School of Management, USA): International lecture series
August 16, 2021 Excel Based Decision Modeling Dr. Jaipal Dhobale
August 17, 2021 Introduction to Smart Manufacturing Dr. Sumant Tiwari
August 19, 2021 Service Spectrum Retail Models Dr. Shankha Sengupta
August 20, 2021 Case workshop: Dabbawallahs of Mumbai Dr. Amit Singh
August 25, 2021 Sentiment Analysis Dr. Amit Singh
August 26, 2021 Risk Mitigation Strategies Dr. Krishana Dadsena
September 03, 2021 Case Workshop: Analytics (HBS case). customer analytics at the big basket- product recommendations. Dr. Sanjay Fuloria
September 10, 2021 Hidden Markov Models Dr. KVSSN Narasimha Murty
September 17, 2021 Path Modeling using SmartPLS 3 Dr. Shailja Tripathi
September 22, 2021 E-SCM adoption Dr Anusha Sreeram
September 24, 2021 Electronic Health Records Dr. Shubhagata Roy
October 15, 2021 Recommender System Dr. Lakshmi Devsena C
October 22, 2021 Basic R coding Dr. Arindam Ghosh
October 29, 2021 SEM using SPSS AMOS Dr. Dennis joseph

Case Research Center

Date Knowledge Sharing Workshop Faculty Name
14 July, 2021 Case Writing and Case Study Method Mr. Sanjib Dutta
06 September, 2021 Art of Case Writing Prof. D Satish
Ms. Indu Parepu
Mr. Sanjib Dutta
07 September, 2021 Art of Writing Teaching Notes Prof. D Satish
Mr. Jitesh Nair
Ms. Syeda Maseeha Qumer
08 September, 2021 Art of Writing Primary Cases Ms. Indu Parepu
Mr Sanjib Dutta
09 September, 2021 Writing an Award-winning Case Ms. Indu Parepu
Ms. Sydea Maseeha Qumer
10 September, 2021 Desk Research for Writing a Library Case Mr. Jitesh Nair