There are over 25 clubs in IBS, Hyderabad and ADmire is one of them. But this club has set and used its own USP to make it count among the major clubs of the college.

ADmire is the official advertising and branding club of IBS Hyderabad. And to be fair and just to their domain, the team has strategically chosen its elements; be it the unique way of writing their name or their color which is red. This team has made itself a brand by choosing these perfect brand elements. And beyond this, ADmire has a rich clientele which includes big brands like Dominoes, OYO, KTM, Okos etc. What do they do with these organizations? They offer them services and terms them client servicing. Client servicing at ADmire is like a hard core field job which brushes up students' soft skills like communication and also builds their confidence. People in this club are used to meeting and talking to people at prestigious ranks in prestigious companies. ADmire also has a bunch of creative individuals who develop new ways to keep the club on the roll. The marketing team uses all in their realm to amplify the business of the clients. The club also hosts a plethora of guest lectures for the budding managers of IBS. After all, doing an MBA also needs exposure and knowledge of the corporate world. Hence, the corporate relations team of the club ensures that the student gets their share of industry exposure by getting the experts right to the campus for guest lectures. ADmire has always been an active participant and a major competitor in all the major club competitions. But has never been too keen to give all of its talents to the competitions because it excels in things beyond the vision of the competition. The vision of the club is to believe in recognition and not reward. And they fulfill this by adding value to the student's career and personality vis-a-vis give valuable services to its clients.

All in all, ADmire is the place for people if they wish to go beyond and do a little extra in their college days to decorate their résumé. And ADmire is also the place to be if one wants to use networking to their benefit and make college life even more happening and memorable.