When an emotion is expressed, it stops you indefinitely. It gives you a belief that you can be heard, that you can touch those winds which haven’t been touched, that you can flow like water unaltered and become that voice which only gets echoed.

Team Xpressionz is not only a group of actors or performers but a set of people who raise their voices to not only an audience but to the society. By our acts we become the strength that needs no holding back. We perform Street plays which show our character and Theatre plays which show our story telling skill varying from Entertaining to a Social Cause. Whenever we perform we become an emotion for all the eyes that find their reason to stand whether the sun is shining bright or clouds pertaining the shower. We portray ourselves as a mirror that shows the hidden faces of our inner society. We bring those dark horses which are in a battle with the white, and scream with our hearts that good will win over Bad. We empathize with you, emote what you are and enthral you with what will happen.

Representing IBS in platforms of street plays and theatre acts gives us that voice that we express as an emotion from our hearts and soul.

“MY ACT STANDS NO MATTER WHAT” because we XPRESSIONZ Theatre Society is the hidden you.