It is rightly said that winners never stop even after giving their best shot. They keep on going with the intention to improve further. This is the essence of every member of Team V.A.P.S. They give their heart and soul to serve the sports fraternity in the best way possible. “Team V.A.P.S” is the official sports and fitness club of IBS Hyderabad. The club started in the year 2005 when some individuals passionate about sports came together to lay the foundation of a team, working towards developing and promoting sports among the students. Teams V.A.P.S not only promotes sports but it also teaches the skills of managing the team members as well as the participants and others associated with it. “Express your sport” is the motto of this club. It is not about playing games and discussing sports, it’s about how much you value the discipline for the things that you are passionate about

Since its inception, Team V.A.P.S has been achieving new heights and has gained technical expertise in Sports and fitness. It has managed to conduct a lot of successful tournaments and keep people more aware about all the sports. Team V.A.P.S has always been focused towards the management activities as well as in its leadership. It works in various verticals, which include marketing, finance, operations, public relations and media, editorial and events.

We believe that adherence to its core values is the main contributor towards our success. We are open to all sports followers who wish to excel in management and sports. All members are encouraged to actively participate in the planning and execution of events, hence creating a professional training environment. This has helped Team V.A.P.S create generations of leaders of the highest quality.