Stu-Z Writeup Madhavi Ma'am

As the students of IBS Hyderabad go through the hectic and academically oriented life of a management student in the college, there is a need for something to placate our tired and encumbered self. Thus we at Club Stu-Z, The Official Entertainment Hub of IBS Hyderabad also known as STUDENTS’ ZONE bring to you, your haven for all the entertainment laced with the sliver of knowledge in your very own intranet of IBS. Handpicked by our dedicated team we bring to you at the earliest all the Movies, TV Series, Games, Magazines and Books, Club Magazines, Study Materials for Academics, Software and a lot of the best digital content that is available. Our focus is to integrate education with entertainment to bring about wholesomeness.

Stu-Z is available to everyone who is present inside the Campus, the B.Tech, BBA, PhD, Research Scholars and the Law students as well. It is a platform that brings everyone under one roof. For the same reason we have developed an online discussion forum named WHAT-Z COOK’N, where students from within the campus can talk, discuss things and put their requests for Study Materials, Magazine, and Books etc.

We at Stu-Z act as platform for Club Promotions and Awareness. We collaborate with the others Clubs present here at IBS for promotion of their Events, Guest Lectures and Seminars so as maximum number of students could be reached and be benefited from these activities.