Speak Up Description

About MWB
Speak Up is the official Public Speaking, Soft Skills and Debating club of IBS-Hyderabad. The club exists for the sole purpose of refining and encouraging the oratorical as well as other communication skills of member students, grooming to be ready to fit themselves into the corporate shoes and for the world, as a whole. Speak Up as a club aims to bring out the best in students at IBS Hyderabad. With our constant endeavors, we wish to establish a seamless process in helping the youth come up and express themselves.

To groom individuals into professionals who exhibit their qualities and lead towards a better society whilst respecting and nurturing the existing environment. To build a platform for enthusiastic individuals to showcase their talent through public speaking, debating and soft skills.

To modify the conventions of the society by carrying out meaningful, Constructive and memorable conversations and helping the students be “Corporate-ready” through dedicated and consistent efforts.

The research wing of the club CHAI stands for "Chronicles of Highly Articulated Insights". The research wing of the club enables the members to elucidate their standpoint through means of interactive sessions. We look forward to cater to all the issues faced by youth today, aiming to establish a strong foundation for tackling interviews, presentations, debates, Content events etc. IBS Dialogue
IBS Dialogue' where all clubs come together to talk about their club history and promote the club culture was the first event of year. The motive of this event was to help our new juniors understand how each club works and expose them to the professionalism of work life in a business school. As the organizer of the event, Club Speak Up assured that the event served its purpose to bring all clubs at a common platform and exhibit the enthusiastic club culture in IBS Hyderabad.

The Great Debate
The objective of our flagship event is to establish a culture of competitive debating within clubs, to create learning situations in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories to develop public speaking skills. The purpose of this debating event to deal with complex ideas and competing advocacy is emerging as a successful educational tool. Debate helps learners to see the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. .