Club Prakriti

Club Prakriti – the official Nature and Adventure Club of IBS Hyderabad focuses on youth development and social awareness by acquainting our members and others about nature and giving them the opportunity to explore the adventurous side of their personality. We organise various nature events like Plantation Drive, where Faculties and Students of the campus are invited to plant saplings, Bird Watch event where we have the pleasure to invite members from BSAP(Bird Society of Andhra Pradesh) to join us at our campus and guide us in a session on birding where we spot over 50 species of birds at our campus, Snake-o-pedia which is our flagship event, is an awareness programme on snakes which educates the students about snakes and overcome various myths about them, DO Bin- Lets segregate activity where students are made aware of segregating waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable, Environmental Audit a seminar where the students are made aware about how they can minimize the carbon footprints in the environment, The Green Battle where participants are required to research solutions to corporate environmental problems and many more such Nature related events are conducted throughout the year. We explore the adventurous side by conducting various treks throughout the year some of the prominent trek sites covered are Khajaguda, Machaleshwar, Gun Rock hills, Bhongir Fort , Anantagiri and Khila Ghanpur. We also conduct various fun related events which are nature friendly and adventurous at the same time like Human Foosball in which foosball board is resurrected on the field where two teams battle against each other by defending and shooting goals, Rann-g-bhoomi(Paintball) where we set up a paint ball arena and two teams would battle it out with colour pellets infused paintball guns, Foot-Pool in which a life-sized pool table is set up where mini footballs were used instead of traditional pool balls and participants play with their foot instead of the cue sticks unlike the traditional pool game, Archery, Target Shooting are some of the most engaging fun events that are conducted throughout the year. All these events have enriched people and brought them closer to the nature as well as helped in bringing out their adventurous side.