Newswire -The Official News and Media Portal of IBS Hyderabad Newswire is the Official News and Media Portal of IBS, which provides a crisp and quick round up of the vital news of the campus as well as outside the campus. The club conducts several events, guest lectures and internal sessions which cater in empowering the future managers. The club envisions keeping everybody updated. Newswire encourages the habit of reading among all MBA students, by posting only the most important and talked about news, making it short but informative at the same time. The club mainly has five verticals: Events, Research wing, Public Relations, Media coverage and Editorial. Events: Several events are conducted round the year ranging from fun to serious inter-club events. These events are well received as well.

Research Wing: We have members who are devoted to research and take internal sessions for the rest of the topics researched. Through this, the club aims to help its members for interviews and placement preparation. Also the research team conducts internal sessions on current topics and members discuss their viewpoints on topics in the session. This helps members to share knowledge widely and in an easy manner.

Media Coverage: Our Team covers the events and activities of the other clubs and this way the club keeps the viewers updated about the happenings in IBS. The club aims to cover major, minor as well as flagship events of other clubs throughout the year.

Editorial: Newswire is the Official News Partner of most of the clubs in the campus. Our Shakespeare's are also hard at work and writes articles on the current affairs, publishes the same on page. The club maintains an active Instagram page “WakeNBake” where latest news is updated in 50 words so the viewers can have a quick glance of news in less 5 seconds. This helps the readers to stay updated as well as our writers to increase efficiency of their writing skills. The club aims to launch a magazine in year 2018 during the flagship event of IBS. Keeping the word “Stay smart” & “Stay Updated”, the club aims to bring new innovations in its work every year.

Public Relations (PR): The club also covers the domain of public relations. It helps the members to improve their connections as well as work as a team. The club has promoted the novel “Desperation for seats” on various platforms like Wordpress and Amazon as a part of its PR activity.