Nazaria Pics and Writeup

The official photography club of IBS- Hyderabad has been redefining photography and freezing moments since 2010. A club of budding photographers, who nurture art and believe in learning and growing together. The club has a small group of members who are extremely passionate about photography.

In a club driven college culture, Nazaria is a coverage partner to 29 student clubs and all other institutional and university events. The club is operational throughout the year and organizes various events.

Frames is the flagship event which is organized every year with full passion, compassion, and love towards photography. This event today marks the 9th year of this beautiful journey, where over more than 40 photographers have displayed more than 150 pictures that have been captured throughout the globe.

This year, Nazaria feels proud to introduce you to their little gathering filled with unspoken emotions and special photography workshops by Mr.Prudhvi Chowdhary and by Mr.Satyam Rednam. The audience will surely have time filled with creativity and inspiration.