Moving Mannequins

The passion for business and fashion is the key element that inspires all activities undertaken in Moving Mannequins.

Our mission is to bring fashion and business closer by organizing comprehensive and creative events at ICFAI Business School campus in Hyderabad

We pull together the collective efforts of all members and capitalise on individual talent to illustrate our truly modern approach. With our combined efforts, our vision is to introduce the fashion industry to university students, raising awareness of what the luxury and fashion industry entails and what career possibilities it holds.

We aim to build a platform where students from all disciplines, fascinated with fashion, are brought together through a variety of creative, inspiring, and professional events. Furthermore, our platform brings a challenging field to the community at ICFAI Business School and connects the business side to creative facet of fashion. Moving Mannequins Society believes that it has the ability to bridge the gap between the fashion world and university students. What makes our Fashion Society unique is that it focuses on the fashion industry. Year by year, the networks of the society have been increasing in the industry, thus, we can offer an increasingly greater variety of events, providing more opportunities for students.