About Mess Committee

Mess Committee is the only officially formed committee taking care of mess and food inspection in the campus. Mess Committee takes care of Mess 1 ( Sodexo ), Mess 2 ( Fine Foods ), Canteens, Bru Kiosk and Binger’s (night cafeteria ) and ensures that adequate menu is served and is fairly priced. All the catering during college events are undertaken and supervised by the committee.

The members are known for their responsible nature and hard work and provide substantial services to the students.

Also Committee Members insure that discipline is maintained and the rules and regulations laid by IFHE are followed.

Some of the activities mess committee performs are

  • Mess Inspection
  • Canteens/Bru Cafe/Bingers Inspection
  • Menu Negotiation
  • Arrangement for Jain Food
  • Food Fest
  • Mess Change Option
  • Provision for Sick/Unwell Students
  • Platform for Clubs
  • Discipline In & Around Mess