We are the Official marketing club ‘Maverick’ of IBS, Hyderabad. We are a team of 41 members, with the aim to enable the fellow students to have a holistic approach towards marketing. We facilitate in providing a learning experience to our fellow batch-mates, and whenever we do so, we make sure that we enjoy it as much as they do. This we achieve by conducting events of all sorts, from guest lectures by eminent industry personalities, to marketing and strategy based games on product life cycle, branding and the like. We bridge the gap between classroom learning and its application in simulated situations. Apart from conducting events, we engage with industry experts as well as the world class faculty at IBS to deliver lectures and feed the marketing appetite of the budding marketers in college.

Maverick is not a culmination of 5 BMCs on a trot or innumerable other trophies sitting idle, Maverick is a family. A family which breathes, sleeps and slays the same. We work in three major verticals namely Maverick Marketing Solutions, Mavens and Maverick Advancement and Development Entity (M.A.D.E .).

Maverick Marketing Solutions is the client servicing wing at club maverick. It is one of the most crucial verticals that functions very actively. We believe in building strong client relationships by fulfilling demanded responsibilities with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. We make sure to cross borders in our working and serve them with best of our interest and ability as a team. We comprise of the most superlative team, be it creative or editorial; we have it all.

Apart from just servicing them as our official clients, we also partner with them as sponsors for numerous of our events throughout the tenure. MMS serves with the best of its interest keeping in mind to bridge the gap between the typical marketing theories and practicality. We step into the field with a target in mind and we make sure to execute it without fail. Some of the clients we have worked with are BLUE BOOK, MYLES, BUBBLES, OTC, iBOTS, URBAN TALKIES, 6 POINTERS,TAZZO, SHARE EAT,ORO SPORTS, etc. A club is incomplete without its research wing. Club Maverick has it under the name of MAVENS. Self-development is the key essence of this vertical. We focus on thinking out of the box and enhancing the knowledge in the most efficient manner possible. MAVENS has helped each one of us in such a manner which is worth mentioning Maverick Advancement and Development Entity(M.A.D.E). is a pathway for all those in need to achieve, learn and apply. Case based competitions, corporate tours and knowledge acquisition all under it.

It is equally important to delve on just how do we stand to gain in doing all the stuff that we do? We learn how to organize events in the way that audience could be attracted; we learn about various marketing concepts ourselves, we master the art of multi-tasking by managing academics and club related work, and finally, we learn how to work in a team.