Managers Without Boarders - India

About MWB
A noble initiative by eminent business personalities and highly enthusiastic students of management, placed across the length and breadth of India and abroad, “Managers Without Borders – India” MWB) is a Non-Government Organization registered under Andhra Pradesh Society’s Registration Act, 2001.

We are affiliated as a youth club to NYSK (Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Affairs & Sports), listed member in NGO's department Planning Commission of India, and also listed member in website of Department of Economics and Social Affairs (DESA) and Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Youth for Social Policy and Development Division of United Nations NGOs Department.

Mission: To bridge the gap between various stakeholders in Nation building process by constructing a dense network of students and professionals. Vision: To integrate Venture Capitalists, Promote Social Entrepreneurship, Incubators, and wannabe Entrepreneurs, Skill development through workshops and provide a national-level platform for business ideas in various sectors.

We are one of youngest NGO's in South Asia to reach final in e-NGO Challenge South Asia awards in 2015 for using internet tool to promote entrepreneurship. Our initiatives are-

  • I Pledge to Recycle: Every year 40,000 million tons of e-waste is generated, as a part of environmental awareness we took up this "I Pledge To Recycle" online social media campaign.
  • Longest Mobile Chain (Guinness World Record): As a part of "I Pledge to Recycle Campaign" to kick start we attempted and established Guinness World Record by placing 3766 mobiles over 481.08 meters and successfully we broke the previous record of 3152 mobile over 420 Mts.
  • e-NGO Challenge, South Asia, 2015: Received certificate of recognition for being the finalist in the contest, using internet to promote entrepreneurship and provide training to budding entrepreneurs

MWB IBS Chapter
Since the inception of MWB IBS Student chapter in 2016, we are playing the pivotal role in the shaping the managers of tomorrow. We strongly believe a manager’s third eye lies in his ability of research, analysis and interpretation. Hence, the core of MWB IBS Chapter lies with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The research domain mostly concentrates in the area of Finance and Marketing keeping in view of the E5 concept (Energy, Economy, Environment, Employment, and Entrepreneurship). RAW has the scope of covering the domain of Analytics and Operations as well as Human Resource. In our approach towards holistic development, we have the following functional wings:-

RAW Finance: Focuses on high quality research in the area of capital market, sovereign policies, supra-national entities and global economic environment.

RAW Marketing: Extensive analysis on brand building, business strategies and service sector trends.

E5 Innovation: The 5-E’s the pillars of this wing. It creates articles, blogs, reports on global issues. E5 Digital: It addresses live client servicing projects in the domain of digital marketing.

E5 Talks: It provides the platform to bridge the gap among corporate leaders and upcoming managers.

E5 Catalyst: Its objective is to connect entrepreneurs in pan-India across all B-Schools.