"Why do jobs when we in Maçon process the potential of generating them. What is Maçon? Maçon is the official entrepreneurship cell of IBS Hyderabad founded in 2008 by an aspiring entrepreneur named Anup Agarwal who felt the need of exploring the creative business skills among various students .We at Maçon conduct events throughout the year to bring out the creator in an individual with E-week being our flagship event. We organise startup drives where we give stalls to various running startups to promote their products and we also provide stalls to those who aspire to share their idea of a future startup.We also conduct knowledge sharing sessions and workshops which includes briefings about startup terminology , industry analysis and various other things related to startups , we also conduct incubation sessions to mentor students on their startup ideas and help them discover the loopholes and strengths of their ideas that further helps them in smooth functioning and execution of their ideas in future.In E-week we conduct various guest lectures from reputed and successful startups giving students insights of the business and corporate world ,we also conduct small workshops on various topics and fields ,inter college b-plan competition etc .Apart from these events we have our official magazine la'entrepreur where we publish articles every month on various topics .

Thus ,we at Maçon do not count the things we do ,we do the things that count further inspiring to innovate."We also do affiliate marketing on all possible digital platforms.