Infinity Studios

Infinity Studios as we know of it, is the only Official Entertainment Club of IBS Hyderabad.

The domain as we speak of it is entertaining people's lives by all means possible. The charm of entertainment is kept fresh and alive by hosting DJ nights for the students and classy movie screenings showing the best of movies from the entertainment era we live in. Bridging the gap between IBS and the Entertainment world, we have been breaking the usual monotony of our future managers time and again by unleashing our creativity in order to add colours and liveliness to the IBS life. Be it our weekly song playlists, keeping abreast with the latest movie reviews, our popular Club events like Gliteratti and Bioscope, entertainment has no ends with us.

Infinity Studios also deals in activities such as client servicing, event management, match screenings etc. We are looking forward to host events such as Roast and Bioscope which is a movie making contest in which entries are received from students within IBS and other colleges also and the movies are judged by eminent personalities of the Film Fraternity here at Hyderabad. We keep pushing the boundaries of entertaining people as much as we can and as long as we can because with us, we believe in entertaining people up to Infinity! Integrating Entertainment with Management is not just our motto or a tagline, it's the way of life at Infinity Studios!