DOT Club

oT – ‘Develop on Technology’
(Motto – ‘Commencement of Change’)
DoT Club conducts various workshops (MS Excel & Access, SAS, SAP, Photoshop, Digital Marketing), through which we plan to enrich students’ skills and make them ready for the corporate world.

Via our weekly bulletin and editorials like ‘Tech-Buzz’, ‘APP-Gyan’ and ‘Sunday Blog’, we make students aware of news from around the world and also give them an insight of new emerging technologies adding value to their knowledge repertoire.

With every passing year, technology has started to play a very influencing factor in all our lives. Right from mobile phones to our everyday electronic appliances at home technology will be a partner of humans for gratuity. Technology has grown so much so that prophecies have been made that people will invent traveling devices, which can traverse through the galactic before the apocalypse. That is how important technology is in our everyday lives. With demonetization and mobile payments attracting a lot of attention from the users, the technology that brought us together till now has a lot in store for us in the days to come. Tasked with bringing latest technologies used in the corporates to IBS Hyderabad, DoT club has been working ever so hard to accomplish this in its research wing ‘VIDYA’. On the back of the great year of 2016, we wanted to expand on the ideologies set forth by the previous generations of ‘Dotians’. DoT club has not only pioneered changes in IBS Hyderabad but also added value to every individual part of this institution by achieving the title of ‘Best Supporting Club’. We have taken strides in achieving our ultimate goal of synergy between technology and management.

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