Club Sankalp

Club Sankalp is the Official Leadership and Nation – Building Club of IBS, Hyderabad. The club has been founded to foster the Social as well as the Corporate Leadership capabilities in the students of IBS Hyderabad and harness their potential towards contributing significantly to the well being of the society. Furthermore, the modus operandi of the club is to empower ordinary citizens to make extraordinary difference in the lives of common men through constructive nation-building activities, upliftment of the society/corporate, spreading corporate and social awareness. Working with a motto of “BE THE CHANGE’, it stands on the pillars of ‘SERVE, LEAD and INSPIRE’. To fulfil its idea of being the change, the club organizes various events that include activities related to Student Social Responsibility, workshops, guest lectures, awareness programme, etc. The club holds the honour of conducting the flagship event of the college annual fest (Trishna) – Megistanos, The Hunt for Best Manager. The other flagship events of the club are Drishti and Magnate. Saying things is easy, but living up-to your words is difficult. The club ensures that it conducts a SSR on all important dates of the year, thus reaching out to people who need our help and making a day in their life brighter and happier. The club has been associated with Indian Development Foundation for various projects on social service. The Club has also launched the first edition of its annual magazine – Pehel, Nayi Soch ki Nayi Shuruat this year. ‘’Between stimulus and response is our greatest power- The freedom to choose! ‘’- Stephen R Covey