AAINA-The official social awareness and women development club of IBS Hyderabad, works for the cognizance and betterment of the society. With versatile verticals, the AAINA team try to cover every problem of the society and provides the respective solutions. AAINA is like a dormer window through which hope of positivity and happiness can be seen for luminous future human culture. The club is not only about creating awareness but it stands for reflection of inner beauty of the soul. Awareness is like a sun, when it shines on things, they are transformed. To reflect this many activities and events are conducted by the students inside and outside of the campus respectively throughout the each academic year. The some of them are NGOs', SOS visit, Spread Smile, Stop Food Wastage Campaign, Sanitation Drive. The club also conducts many Socially Responsible activities which not only efforts directed towards external society but it also impacts on the future becoming managers.

Vision: To be a corporate with its strategies, policies and actions aligned with wider social concerns through sustainable initiative in socially relevant matters including education, health and environment.

Mission: Knowledge: Incorporating sustainability in business plan, strategies and processes

Skills: Promoting, encouraging and supporting the social and cultural heritage and traditions of our society.

Attitude: Proactive actions for well-being of the society as per the needs. #LetsChange