About the Conference

We are at the crossroads of technological advancement and operational excellence, where optimization, trade-off management, total quality management, continuous improvement, logistics excellence, coordination, supply chain relationships are the buzzwords that are making rounds. In an environment characterized by greater uncertainty in an increasingly connected world, the traditional function of operations management has undergone a metamorphosis. Operations management, which was often considered a horizontal function, has now established itself as a vertical with multiple branches and varied ramifications.

Nowadays, operations managers provide vital insights on how to align the operations strategy to the overall organizational goals. Not stopping just there, business analysts and supply chain specialists are delivering futuristic predictions about the impact of technology, network design and quality norms on the operations of the firms. Owing to an increased contribution towards employment generation and an increasing share of the country’s GDP, this holds true for service firms as well.

In the light of the aforesaid development, this conference wishes to understand how the change in perception of operations field from being considered as a horizontal function to an established vertical can lead to creation of sustainable competitive advantage. With this agenda, the department of Operations and IT, IBS Hyderabad, IFHE University, India plans to organize the 2nd International Conference on Operations Management (ICOM, 2018).


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