Scholarships to attend Pre-Conference Workshop on Sustainable HRM

You are encouraged to complete the following to obtain a scholarship to attend the pre-conference workshop. Please prepare a write-up in the form of a research proposal (maximum 400 words) on any identified research topics in the area of sustainable HRM as detailed below:
Criteria for preparing proposal for research collaboration

  • Research topic/title
  • Critical evaluation of the current published literature on the identified research topic (200 words)
  • Identified gaps in the literature for possible future theoretical or/and empirical research opportunities (200 words)

In addition:

  • If you are keen to participate in any future international research collaborations in the discipline of sustainable HRM indicate your willingness to contribute, area(s) of research interest, research competencies including your track record of previous peer reviewed journal publications and the role you would like to play in research collaborations (150 words)

Each submitted proposal would be evaluated by two experts from the International Sustainable HRM Network. The first author (in case of multiple authors) for the best three proposals under each of the categories (i.e., academicians, practitioners and research scholars/students) would be awarded scholarships (i.e., fee waiver for the registration of pre-conference workshop).

Submission of Research Proposal
Research proposals should be submitted by August 01, 2018 in MS Word document by e-mail to