About the Conference

Human Resource Management is undergoing a paradigm shift with regard to work environment, adaptation to technology and AI, creating positive employee experiences, agility, and competitive strategies. With majority of the organizations opting to work remotely, coordinating work processes and maintaining employee relations are some of the key challenges faced by businesses. This changing landscape in HR has lead to emerging areas in research and practice alike such as; technology and automation in HR, impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the workforce and HR practices, industry 5.0, gig workers, and diversity and inclusion to mention a few. It is time for HR thinkers to focus on the future of jobs, work practices and employee wellbeing during and post Covid-19 pandemic. Sustainability of HRM in future depends on creating frameworks and practices, policies and procedures that would help the workforce to sail through the challenging times and optimize deployment of intellectual resources through remote working. The focus of this virtual conference is on the changing landscape of Human Resource Management. Conceptual/theoretical papers and cases on the themes/sub-themes of the Conference are invited. Papers aimed at theory development, empirical research, and qualitative inquiries are welcome. This forum is meant to facilitate discussion and presentation of research and practice ideas on the changing landscape of HRM.


• To offer a platform for scholarly exchange of human resource management thoughts and practices by academics, scholars, and practicing managers.

• To provide a platform for academics, students, practitioners, and policymakers for intellectual discourse, deliberations and for presentation of their ideas, research findings, research implications and innovative practices.

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