1. The full paper should be in word format and emailed to
  2. Papers submitted for the conference should be in English, in Times New Roman font, size 10, and typed in double space.
  3. Two members of the Review Committee will review the paper. The name and affiliation of the author(s) will be removed before the paper is sent to the Review Committee.
  4. With the submission of the paper, the following items should be included on the first page:
    • Cover page showing the title of the manuscript, the name, affiliation, and full address of the author/s with e-mail ID, including acknowledgment if any.
    • Abstract of up to 300 words, Five or fewer key words.
  5. Section headers should be left justified with Arabic numerals. Only the first word should be capitalized. Headers should be in bold face, and subheads in italics. The structure of the paper should tentatively follow the following heads:
    • Introduction:
      • Rationale
      • Objectives
    • Review of Literature:
      • Papers that use similar models
      • Papers that use different models
    • Research Methodology:
      • Data Source
      • Model Specification
    • Results and Findings
    • Summary and Conclusions
  6. Mathematical Notations, Tables, and Figures should be clearly explained within the text.
  7. Foot Notes and References should be incorporated into the text. Footnotes in the text must be numbered sequentially and they should follow the reference section.

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