The IBS Approach

IBS has a unique and innovative approach to business education, which focuses on providing students the right knowledge, imparting the right skills, and shaping the right attitude.


IBS provides relevant, contemporary, and cutting-edge knowledge, through a variety of core, functional and integrative courses. Students are taught concepts and how to apply them through lectures, case studies, business games, internships, projects, etc.

Success in our career calls for mastering the professional, personal, and human skills required for taking people along, effective decision-making and execution. IBS trains the students in these skills through case discussions, soft-skills lab sessions, internships, and faculty mentoring.


Attitude is the most important determinant of success in both career and personal life. Through constant mentoring, exposure to various extracurricular activities and timely feedback, IBS helps students develop the right attitude. Many students go through a personality transformation during their period of study at IBS. They grow into balanced and well-rounded individuals capable of taking up leadership positions.

Students are exposed to the latest body of knowledge through an updated, contemporary and industry aligned curriculum.

The students are provided high quality courseware comprising textbooks, reference books and case study volumes. In addition, they have online access to several national and international journals, research reports, software, and databases.

Indian and International Perspectives
IBS offers students a synthesis of Indian and global perspectives that best reflect the realities of today's global, multicultural business milieu.

Emphasis on Case-based Learning
Most of the courses at IBS are taught through cases. These cases bring a strong application orientation and help students appreciate the intricacies of real-life situations.

Business Modelling and Simulation
Business modelling and simulation games enable students to learn how to make effective business decisions in a dynamic setting.

Continuous Evaluation
At IBS, academic performance is assessed through a continuous evaluation process, and timely feedback is provided, throughout the period of study. Students are graded on the basis of class participation, home assignments, case analyses, seminars, projects, tests, etc.

Strong Industry Interface
IBS has a strong, active, and growing interface with the industry. Experts from leading companies regularly interact with students, deliver guest lectures, and serve as members of various advisory boards.

Interactions with Thought Leaders
Students have regular opportunities to interact with leading management thinkers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, government leaders and heads of NGOs, at various IBS forums.