Faculty Profiles - Finance

Department Profile - Finance
The Department of Finance and Accounting came into existence in 1995. The department is a part of IBS Hyderabad, the Faculty of Management of the University. Currently, the department has forty nine faculty members involved in teaching, research and administration. Twenty two of these are Ph.D holders.

The department offers courses in PhD in Management, MBA, BBA and BBA-LLB (Hons) programs of the University. Members of the department also academically contribute to the Management Development Programs of the Centre for Management Development of the University.

Research and Publications
The major thrust areas in which research activities are being pursued are, dynamics of Equity, Commodity, and Derivative markets, Insider Trading and Market Efficiency, Corporate Governance, Price Discovery Process in Equity and Commodity markets, Microfinance, Financial Inclusion, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Structure decisions, Financial Risk Management, Basel norms, Electricity market, Tunnelling in Business Groups, Intellectual Capital and Firm Valuation, etc.

Faculty members of the department have published research papers in reputed peer reviewed National and International journals such as World Development(Elsevier, Netherlands), Emerging Markets Review (Elsevier Publications), International Journal of Managerial Finance, Journal of International Financial Markets, International Journal of Banking and Finance, Indian Journal of Finance, Global Business Review, Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, International Journal of Corporate Governance, International Journal of Business and Management, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, etc. Besides, the faculty members have published many books and chapters/articles in original/edited books, conference proceedings etc.

The Department brings out two peer-reviewed journals titled IUP Journal of Bank Management and IUP Journal of Account Resolution and Audit Practices.

Conferences Organised
The Department periodically organizes several national and international conferences.

  • 11th International Conference on Business and Finance(ICBF-2015), Jan 8 – 9, 2015

  • 10th International Conference on Business and Finance(ICBF-2014), in collaboration with Oklahoma State University, USA, Jan 9 – 10, 2014

  • 6th Indian Subcontinent Decision Science Institute (ISDSI-2012) conference in collaboration with, Decision Science Institute, Atlanta, USA, Dec 27-29, 2012

  • 9th International Conference on Business and Finance(ICBF-2012) in collaboration with Philadelphia University USA, Jan 6-7, 2012

  • 8th International Conference on Business and Finance (ICBF-2010) in collaboration with Indian Institute of Capital Markets (IICM), Mumbai, Mar 12-13, 2010.