About the Conference

Enterprises that leverage the power of platform business models have grown dramatically in size and scale over the past decade. Companies such as Amazon, FaceBook, Google, Salesforce, and Uber are creating online structures that enable a wide range of business activities. This opens the way for radical changes in how we work, socialize, create value in the economy, and compete. Platform business models have caused a serious disruption in the way services are offered more often at a far lower price and higher value than traditional business models. The beneficiaries are the customers who avail these services ranging from food delivery to hotels, from urban transportation to entertainment, from hotel booking to building solutions - the range will expand over time.

Given these paradigm shifts, many salient and pertinent questions emerge. Are business models of platform enterprises drastically different from those of traditional ones? If so, how do these models differentiate and position themselves? How do they contribute to the growth of the economy of an emerging nation like India? How do business leaders in platform enterprises manage long term, sustainable relationships with important stakeholders? How are consumers engaged with these platforms for their needs and necessities? What are the implications of platform economy for regulators and public policy making?

ICOMBS 2017, the IBS Conference on Marketing and Business Strategy attempts to seek answers to these and similar other questions from industry leaders, practitioners, and academicians. The conference is a unique opportunity to delve and deliberate on a wide range of prospects and possibilities of how platform enterprises and companies create, capture, communicate and retain value.

We welcome thought leaders, academicians, and industry experts to take part in the conference and contribute in this knowledge sharing process.

Objectives of the Conference

The conference is aimed at deliberations and presentation of research work and management practices in the areas of Marketing and Business Strategy in line with the conference theme, i.e. The role of Platform Companies in Ushering a services Revolution - Implications for Marketers

Broad Plan of the Conference

The conference is spread over two days. Day 1 will feature two highly invigorating plenary sessions by senior executives representing platform enterprises as well as academicians. Day 2 will be dedicated to presentation of papers and knowledge sharing among the participants.

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