Objectives of the Conference

Liberalization, privatization and globalization are changing the face of domestic and international business and finance. Expectations of the stakeholders, cross border rules and regulations, factors affecting the business are posing challenges to the players by way of competition, product innovations, pricing policies, profitability and financial sustenance. The integration of the financial markets and resultant systemic risks, international accounting standards, effectiveness of domestic and international regulatory structures are some of the current issues that need to be dealt with by both academicians and practitioners. New approaches and policies have to be developed in developing and developed markets alike for their sustenance and growth.
The conference is intended to:-

  • Act as a platform for the academics and practitioners in India and abroad, to ventilate their views on problems and prospects concerning business and finance in India and other parts of the world.
  • Promote research and development in the areas of finance and business.
  • Encourage the researchers to present their research papers and facilitate them with valuable suggestions from the experts in the concerned fields.
  • Scientific information interchanges between researchers and practitioners working all around the world.
  • Facilitate the participants, with or without paper presentations, get immensely benefitted from the deliberations of the conference.
  • Understand the gap between the theory and practice in the areas of business and finance and try to bridge over the same.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between the domestic and international experts in the field of business and finance and exchange their ideas.