Weekly ​ Seminars & Workshops

Sl. No. Faculty Member Topic Date
1 Prof. Koti Reddy Tamma Relationship between General Government Expenditure and Economic growth Sep 8, 2017
2 Prof. Arun Kumar dash The Role of  Urbanization and Migration to Promote Economic Growth Sep 15, 2017
3 Prof. Rashmi Ranjan Paital FDI impact on GDP growth Sep 22, 2017
4 Prof. Laila Memdani Digitalization: Before and after Demonetisation Sep 29, 2017
5 Prof. Aruna M Degree of responsiveness of food grain production in Telangana Oct 6, 2017
6 Prof. Harvinder Singh Situation in Energy-A cross country analysis (Continuation from Jul presentation) Oct 13, 2017
7 Prof. Madhubanti Dutta Economic Development in India during the planning process Oct 20, 2017
8 Prof. Subhendu Dutta Tourism Demand in India-An Empirical Analysis Oct 27, 2017
9 Prof. Subhadip Mukherjee An Analysis of Technical Diffusion of Indian MSME Sector-A DEA Analysis Nov 3, 2017
10 Prof. Subhendu Dutta Role of Social Infrastructure on Economic Growth Nov 10, 2017
11 Prof. Padmavathi V Cartel vs. Anti Trust Nov 17, 2017
12 Prof. Subhendu Dutta GST and the Question of Economic Growth in India Nov 24, 2017
13 Prof. Rashmi Ranjan Paital Leverage effects in Indian Stock Market Dec 1, 2017
14 Prof. IRS Sarma Major Determinants of Unemployment : Cross Country Evidence Dec 8, 2017
15 Prof. Suresh KG Exports, Ownership Status and Energy Efficiency: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector Dec 15, 2017
16 Prof. Padmavathi V Crop Insurance and doubling the Farmers Income Dec 22, 2017
Finance & Accounting
17 Prof. M Saritha Venture Capitalists and Venture Capital Funds and their Relationship with Startups Aug 11, 2017
18 Prof. Sudhakar Reddy Accounting Conservatism and Stock Price Crash Risk: Further Evidence Aug 18, 2017
19 Prof. Rajesh Pathak Cash Holdings and Firm Performance: Evidence from India Sep 01, 2017
20 Prof. Ranajee Stock Momentum and Idiosyncratic Volatility: Further Evidence Sep 8, 2017
21 Prof. Kavita Wadhwa Reallocation of IPO shares: Evidence from an Emerging Market Sep 15, 2017
22 Prof. K Parmar Business Group Affiliation and Firm Performance: Evidence from India Sep 22, 2017
23 Prof. Bhanu Sirisha The Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance: Evidence from India Oct 13, 2017
24 Prof. Pavana Jyothi Women Directors on Board and its impact of Overall corporate governance of the firm Oct 20, 2017
25 Prof. Pranati M CEO Tenure and Firm Performance: Evidence from an Emerging market Oct 27, 2017
26 Prof. Sangram Jena Impact of listing of options and futures on the underlying stock market performance Nov 03, 2107
27 Prof. Nemi Raja Determinants of Capital Structure Determinants: New Evidence Nov 10, 2017
28 Prof. V D M V Lakshmi Lead lag Relationship between Options and underlying Stock Market Nov 17, 2017
29 Prof. C Anita Microfinance Institutions and their Impact on Firm Performance Nov 24, 2017
30 Prof. C Padmavathi Implications of Goods and Services tax on the Indian Economy Dec 12, 2017
31 Prof. M Dharani Sharia Stocks and the Impact of Sharia Stocks on the Performance of the Stock Exchange Dec 08, 2017
Human Resource
32 Prof. S Raghvendra Coal India journey to become a sustainable organization Aug 11, 2017
33 Prof. Chetna Priyadarshini How do Informational Characteristics of the Recruitment Website Influence Job Seekers’ Job Pursuit Intention? A Moderated Mediation Study Aug 18, 2017
34 Prof. Niraj Kishore Chimote Work Leisure conflict: Impact of Role Description Issues and Perceived Job Stress Aug 25, 2017
35 Prof. Sharda Singh Interactive Effect of Psychological Hardiness and Relational Psychological Contract on Work Engagement Sep 01, 2017
36 Prof. Ashok Kumar Uncovering the Transformational Leadership - Employee performance relationship: Evidence from India Sep 08, 2017
37 Prof. Musarrat Shaheen Impact of Employees Positive Psychological Capital on Customer Delight: Mediating Effect of Beneficiary Contact Sep 15, 2017
38 Prof. Showry M Impact of Employee Empowerment on Employee Performance Sep 22, 2017
39 Prof. Priyanka Constructive Feedback Sep 29, 2017
40 Prof. Thomas Menachery Technology Business Incubator – Case Study of Stayzilla Oct 6, 2017
41 Prof. Luqman Husaani Inclination for and utility of primary research in teaching among academicians of business studies programs Oct 13, 2017
42 Prof. Swati Hans Spirituality and Leadership: A Literature Review Oct 20, 2017
43 Prof. M Bhaskara Rao Sustainable HRM Nov 4,2017
44 Prof. Mohd Abdul Nayeem Recruitment Cycle at Ranstad - A Case Study Nov 11, 2017
Soft Skills
45 Prof. Chethana G Krishna The Apple way of Conducting Meetings Aug 8, 2017
46 Prof. Mustakhushen S. M. Alternative tools for Power Point Presentations Aug 11, 2017
47 Prof. Mahesh Kumar Soma Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) Aug 28, 2017
48 Prof. Mustakhushen S. M. Principles of Business Writing Sep15, 2017
49 Prof. Vasundhara T Game Learning_ The Future of Soft Skill Training Oct 20,  2017
50 Prof. Mustakhushen S. M. Researching to Enhance Employability Skills Oct 27, 2017
51 Prof. G. Geethanjali Stay Hungry ,Stay Foolish -Rashmi Bansal’s Book. Nov 9, 2017
52 Prof. Mustakhushen S. M. Writing Competencies and Accomplishments in Resume Nov 17, 2017
53 Prof. Mahesh Kumar Soma  Goal Setting for Managers Nov 21, 2017
Marketing & Strategy
54 Prof. Mukesh Mishra Salesperson Incentives and their Impact on Performance Aug 11, 2017
55 Prof. Venu Gopal Rao Need for an Evolved Marketing Mix in the Indian passenger vehicle market Aug 18, 2017
56 Prof. Purna Prabhakar N Update on Funded project – Influence of Leadership on Firm Performance in BPOs Aug 25, 2017
57 Prof. Surjit Kumar Kar Managerial Decision Tools-Comparison of Logistic Regression & Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) Procedures Sep 22, 2017
58 Prof. MJ Menon International Marketing Challenges Sep 29, 2017
59 Prof. Debjani Sahoo Services Marketing Challenges in Platform Economy Companies Oct 13, 2017
60 Prof. Vaibhav Shekar Four things a Service Business Must Get Right Oct 20, 2017
61 Prof. Rik Paul Use of Simulation and Games in Classroom Environment Oct 27, 2017
62 Prof. Ankit Kesharwani Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Nov 3, 2017
63 Prof. Tathagata Ghosh On conducting Meta-Analysis Nov 10, 2017
64 Prof. Pankaj Mohanty Customer Behavior and Relationship Marketing Dec 1, 2017
65 Prof. B Radhakrishna Effects of Failure Attribution and Willingness to co Create on Preferred Locus of Recovery Dec 8, 2017
66 Prof. Rachita Kashyap Online Review Helpfulness as Perceived by Consumers Dec 22, 2017
Operations & IT
67 Prof. Vishal Mishra Why Manuscripts are rejected? Aug 18, 2017
68 Prof. Santosh K Yadav Prioritizing effective 7Ms to Improve Production System Performance using Fuzzy AHP & Fuzzy Topsis Aug 25, 2017
69 Prof. Lakshmi Devasena Adoption of E-Health in India: A TPB Approach Sep 1, 2017
70 Prof. Shailaja Tripathi Which category of Technology Factors Influencing Actual Usage of CCT – Cognitive or Technical Sep 8, 2017
71 Prof. Prince Vijai Strategic choice of Technology Investment in Production Network: Dedicated Vs Flexible technology Sep 16, 2017
72 Prof. Bijeta Shaw Moderating effect of Situational Variables and Smartphone Addiction on the Factors Influencing Consumer’s Intention to Continue use Mobile Payment Services in India. Sep 23, 2017
73 Prof. Rajesh K ISS – 1 Oct 20, 2017
74 Prof. Jighyasu Gaur A Cross-cultural study on Consumers' Purchase Intentions for Reconstructed Products Oct 27, 2017
75 Prof. N Siva Prasad Mobile Communication- Effect on Human Beings Nov 3, 2017
76 Prof. Devaraj Sarvanan Video Data Image Retrieval using BRICH Nov 10, 2017
77 Prof. A Sandeep Project Management process for SOA based Integration Project Nov 17, 2017
78 Prof. K Venkateswara Rao CRM in Service Industry Nov 24, 2017
79 Prof. Samyadip Chakraborty Antecedents and Consequences of Service Delivery Knowledge creation – An Empirical Study using Dynamic Capability Lens in Healthcare Dec 1, 2017
80 Prof. Nikhat Afshan Supply Chain Collaboration Dec 8, 2017
81 Prof. Dennis Joseph Knowledge Sharing in VCOPS Dec 15, 2017
82 Prof. Siddharth Kushwaha Remanufactured Products & Warranty Dec 22, 2017
83 Prof. Sindhuja Menon Enhancing Supply Chain Robustness through Information Security Initiatives Dec 29, 2017