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Vishal Gandhi

Confident and trusted…

IBS to me is all about going against the trend and experimenting with your views, ideas, and, of course, time. IBS is not just an institute but an entire township, where 2500 students from different parts of the nation study. I am sure I will not get such multifarious experiences even in my corporate life. Seniors were a constant support to me, right from providing study material to guidelines for placement. Earlier, whenever anyone referred to MBA, the first image that came to my mind would be of hitting the books, piling up the stress, and spewing it out in the form of projects. But I’ve learnt that it’s all about time management. I have gained a lot from the classes which are real life case study oriented and linked with the chapters .This not only gives us knowledge but also makes the classes interesting.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and nothing proves it better than our different clubs. Different clubs have different hierarchies. This gives them a corporate feel and also provides a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. You get the best of both worlds.

Before I joined I had one thing on my mind — that this was my last shot to prove myself the best of the best. Right from Day one, the competition went uphill. I was elected the class representative in both the semesters. During Freshers, I got elected as the Section Representative. Later, I was selected as the Public Relations in-charge of the Alumni Relations Cell.

The confines of IBS are not limited to this bunch of tags that I have gained here. Instead, they go beyond the line of demarcation and have made me a person full of confidence ready to face the corporate world. The best part about this college is that it has faith in its students. Every event, club, and even the mess is handled by the students, supported by the management.

Where else would you be entrusted with such responsibility when you are still in your student days?