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Shradha Aima

Fulfilling dreams…

College life is challenging for nearly every student. Student life at IBS is made of, for, and by our remarkable community of students. The college plays a supporting role, providing resources, facilities, and expertise. The rest comes from student energy and inspiration. After my 3 years of work experience at Infosys, college life looked like a big challenge, but IBS ensured that this journey was smooth and interesting for me.  Here I met people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who brought with them rich and varied experiences to share and to learn from.

IBS gave me an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with faculty members, staff, and friends through a residence hall community and various clubs. As a residential institute, IBS is dedicated to the learning processes which take place both inside and outside the classrooms. The faculty and college staff provides students with safe, comfortable and well-maintained living spaces in an environment conducive to academic seriousness. The key to residential life at the college is personal responsibility. All students are responsible for their own behavior, and have to therefore accept the consequences of the choices they make.

IBS has many extracurricular and co-curricular activities, which include over 30 official student organizations, whose number and nature are always evolving. The college provides considerable support to student organizations and other activities, and both novices and accomplished practitioners find opportunities to participate and explore. I myself got the opportunity to be a member of Maçon, the entrepreneurship cell of IBS Hyderabad, and to harbor my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the near future. Today, as President of the club, I hope to see more and more eager entrepreneurs become a part of our cell.

In a nutshell, IBS has given me highly experienced mentors, state-of-the-art facilities, and great friends to learn from. My experience at IBS is something which will always be very close to my heart.

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