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Shivani Shandilya

Creating yourself…

A lush green campus away from the city in the heart of nature — the IBS Hyderabad campus is one of the most beautiful ones in our country. Inside the campus is a world in itself — a world full of opportunities, competition, and learning. You only need to be capable enough to explore them.  Along with classroom learning, IBS offers ample opportunities with 30 clubs ranging from leadership, marketing to culturals and theater. Being a part of a club and then later leading it has helped me gain skills which cannot be taught. In fact, you learn skills for which you did not even pay!

Ever since my journey at IBS began, life has not been the same. This is not the first time that I have stayed away from home but it is certainly the best time away from home. Life at IBS gets hectic and full of pressure; such are the perks that come along with an MBA course. Students here are from different regions and backgrounds and this has helped me to enlarge my vision. The curriculum comprising case studies, presentations, seminars, club events, guest lectures, etc. always keeps me on my toes. Different industrial experiences give us all a taste of the real world and keep our expectations of the future realistic.  There is always something or the other happening on the campus.

As George Bernard Shaw said,

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

This is exactly what IBS helps you do -- create yourself. At IBS, I have faced challenges that I never thought I would come across and this has made me a more confident person. I have evolved from a normal college going youngster into a professional one. The course is modeled in such a way that all the adjectives associated with being successful come true automatically, like being a smart worker, time management, multitasking. IBS helps prepare us not only for our careers but for the journey of life. It gives us perspective and a concrete foundation to keep your life blocks on.

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