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Pulakit Suryakar

Learning to make a difference…

IBS is not a final destination, but an important point of transition that prepares students for the opportunities that lie ahead. So, just because you’ve come here does not mean that your life is made. Upon your arrival at IBS Hyderabad, you'll find the value of the most precious resource of all: time.

IBS Hyderabad’s rallying call is to get students into two years of leadership practice immersed in real-world challenges; into a diverse community of colleagues and faculty reflecting a world of talents, beliefs, and backgrounds; into an intense period of personal and professional transformation that prepares you for challenges in any functional area — anywhere in the world.

The value of the relationships we build – and the emphasis IBS places on them – is unbelievable. The 100 acre campus, state-of-the-art classrooms, hostels, dining area, global infrastructure, and the rest beckon you to meet people and work in teams. In fact, much of the vitality of the case experience comes from the quality of student interactions and combined preparations that students do. The thread that connects students here is a true desire to make an impact on the world, in whatever field they are passionate about.

The case method exposes you to different business models, different ways of approaching problems. In a typical session, the professor poses a question that takes the discussion in multiple directions. It challenges you and calls for improvisation. When you participate in the discussion, it is like you being on stage. The professor is listening. Eighty students are listening. And you have to make an impact in the limited time that can’t be wasted. It's an electric environment, Seventy-five minutes of pure engagement. And a great simulation of what we'll face in the working world.

Each day at IBS Hyderabad begins with one question:  "What difference will you make in the world?” Because that's the truest way to prepare you for the larger question that matters most, here and in your career beyond our campus.

This environment offers students countless opportunities for interaction with one another and with faculty members beyond the classroom, easy access to a range of on-campus activities and resources, socializing, and building lasting relationships. At its core, school-wide club events (30 active clubs, about 10 university-level), guest speakers, seminars, sports, conferences, and more. Everything on the IBS campus — from multimedia classrooms to dining facilities — is designed to encourage community collaboration for a richer learning experience.

And, to learn, to make a difference — wherever you go!

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