Part-time Ph.D Program

The Part-time Ph.D program in management is designed for practicing corporate executives, faculty members & research scholars who are aspiring to become thought leaders in the domain of academic research and advancement of business and society. It helps them gain in-depth understanding of the subjects so as to bring to the fore the ability to effectively perform teaching, research and consulting. The Part Time Ph.D. works in an almost similar manner. The course work is completed over a period of two years and the candidate is expected to make six visits to campus for two weeks each. The process of Qualifying Examination, Thesis Proposal and Thesis Defence are the same as the Full-time Ph.D. Program.

The program is rigorous and interdisciplinary. It is updated on a regular basis benchmarking the academic delivery to the best standards. The rigor of the program demands commitment and hard work in pursuit of greater insights into the chosen topic and the motivation to master all essential components of academic research. The program has four phases, namely, Coursework, Qualifying examination, Preparation of Thesis Proposal and Thesis Work. The program can be completed in four years.

The objective of the coursework is to impart scholarship and to equip the candidate with the latest developments in the discipline, including the tools of research. The candidate is expected to successfully complete eight prescribed courses during this phase over a period of two years. The candidate is required to make six visits of two weeks duration each to the campus for the course work.

Qualifying Examination

A candidate, who successfully completes course work, would take a Ph.D. qualifying examination based on the completed course work. The qualifying examination will assess the candidate’s knowledge in the course work completed and the ability to apply the same in research. The qualifying examination will consist of written examination followed by a viva voce.

Preparation of Thesis Proposal
After successful completion of the Ph.D. qualifying examination, the candidate will register for the Independent Study Course and start the work of preparation of thesis proposal. For each candidate, the university will appoint a Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) of 3 or 4 members. The candidate has to develop the thesis proposal under the guidance of the DAC and expected to give thesis proposal progress seminars as and when required. If the DAC members are satisfied, the Convener of the DAC, will forward the research proposal to the research committee of the University for Approval. The candidate has to defend the research proposal before the screening committee appointed by the research committee.

Thesis work
Consequent to the approval of the research proposal by the research committee, the candidate will be allowed to register for the thesis preparation after due approval by the supervisor. During this phase, the candidate is expected to develop and complete the thesis through frequent interactions with the supervisor. The candidate is expected to submit a progress report to the supervisor every two months. After the candidate completes the credit requirements of the thesis, he/she becomes eligible to submit the thesis for evaluation. The candidate is expected to complete the Ph.D. Thesis within one year of the approval of the proposal.

The selected candidates have to pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 40,000 on or before April 24, 2015.

The Program fee of Rs. 60,000 per semester is to be paid for 8 semesters. The first installment of Program fee is to be paid on June 01, 2015. The detailed fee schedule will be given in the Selection Letter. Please note that there is no fee waiver nor fellowship/stipend for Part-time Ph.D Program candidates.

Student successfully completing the Ph.D. Program can pursue their careers in any organization of their choice. They may also apply to IBS Hyderabad based on the vacancies available.