IBS offers Summer Internship Program (SIP) which forms an important component of education at IBS. It is an attempt to bridge the gap in the student’s perception between theory in books and practice in the corporate world. As a part of SIP, students undertake a 14 week internship at any organization/company during the intervening period between close of Semester II and commencement of Semester III.

Every student will be assigned a Faculty Guide at the beginning of the SIP. The role of the Faculty Guide is to enable the student to undertake a meaningful project, provide the necessary academic guidance, and to facilitate evaluation, with the aid of the company executives. The faculty guide would be involved at all stages of the SIP, beginning from ‘definition of the work content’ to project completion.

Every student works under the counsel of a company guide, who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student at every stage of the SIP and gives feedback to the faculty guide. It is the responsibility of the students to utilize the knowledge and experience of the company guide to complete the SIP.