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Graceson Binu Sebastian

Where time flies…

Change is the only constant, a universal truth that has been borne out repeatedly over time. Change is never easy, and in the words of Victor Hugo, “No one can resist an idea whose time has come.”

There were those who ushered in the ‘Industrial Revolution’ nearly 200 years ago, and now it’s us – living the ‘Knowledge Revolution’. In time, education will have to change — teachers will not be ‘teaching’ but will be ‘leading’ classroom discussions which will help inspire creativity among the students towards a particular corporate problem.

Located on the outskirts of Hyderabad is one of the most beautiful campuses in India — IBS Hyderabad. Here, management concepts are explored through the case study methodology and real corporate problems are discussed in the classrooms. This practical approach helps the students grasp various concepts which cannot be explained by reading books.

Apart from classroom learning, there are various clubs — EcoBizz, Maçon, Maverick, ADmire, Xpressionz, and many more, of which the students can be a part . These have the effect of refreshing the students after a rigorous week of classes. Being a part of these clubs also helps the students, the “future managers”, to imbibe various skills such as time management, team work, co-ordination, planning, and executing various tasks which they will later require to survive in the corporate world.

Life at IBS Hyderabad is never boring. There is always a buzz on campus. Every week, there are several events conducted by various clubs which compete among themselves to be crowned the “BEST MANAGED CLUB” at TRISHNA, the national level management and cultural fest. Students from top Business Schools across the country including some of the IIMs participate and compete in Trishna to bring glory and honor to their respective alma maters. IBS Hyderabad also hosts Aaveg, the national level inter-Business School sports meet, perhaps one of its kind.

When I joined IBS, it was my first experience of staying away from home. It was a new environment of classes, case studies, assignments, etc. But slowly, through the hectic schedule of cases and club activities, I have learnt how to manage my time and have had lots fun along the way. IBS Hyderabad for me has so far been an exciting journey, where time flies and days merge into nights and where the year has come to an end even before you realize it.

IBS Hyderabad has indeed become a home away from home for me.

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