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Ankita Kandpal

Where talent is nurtured…
Beautifully situated close to nature is the sprawling campus of IBS Hyderabad — a place that I would like to call a home away from home. The college life here is a whole new world in itself. It is a complete blend of academics and extra-curricular activities. From classroom to sports to dramatics, every experience at IBS Hyderabad makes you realize your true potential and strive for overall excellence.

My journey at IBS has been splendid and I have a plethora of experiences to share. It has been a fun ride full of challenges and a lot of learning and surprises. The faculty here is a great source of inspiration and motivation, ready to support and mentor selflessly. IBS Hyderabad has not only molded me into a confident, vibrant individual but has also provided me with an excellent platform to participate in global events and represent the nation and the college at an International forum in South Korea.

With an Alumni base that becomes stronger with every passing year, IBS Hyderabad is one of the finest options for Management Studies.

I am happy to be a part of the IBS Family and hope to make my Alma Mater proud some day!

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