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Anchita Magan

A World in Itself!

Selection in IBS Hyderabad was undoubtedly a dream come true.  Yet, as the day for my joining drew closer, the uncertainties about life on a new campus, academic pressure and possible cut-throat competition, interacting with faculty members, final placements, mess food, and so many other things began haunting my nights. After I entered the portals of IBS, these anxieties were replaced by a new and contagious enthusiasm, which spread from one new friend to another on campus. Realization dawned that this was the beginning of a new journey, a journey towards a great future.

IBS Hyderabad is a world in itself. The accomplished faculty members here serve as admirable mentors, accessible at all times and especially when one is in need of guidance. The pedagogy exposes the students to the contexts in which decision-making happens in the corporate world. The case-based education provides us with a prior taste of real life business scenarios and helps us to learn concepts in their practical application.

Outside the classrooms, the student clubs of IBS weave around us an environment which makes us more competent, confident, and skillful. The co-curricular activities, whether related to sports, culture, soft-skills, or academics, have a distinct significance in the day-to-day activities of students here. The vastly diverse crowd – we had students from twenty-six different states of India last year — gives us the opportunity to get to know people from all over and make friends from every part of the country. We truly learn to live and work in a multi-cultural environment, which I think is very important in today’s world.
‘FUN’ is also an integral part of life on campus. The weekly movies by Infinity Studios, the cultural festivals celebrated by Samavesh, the plays by the college theater society, XpressionZ, performances by Diatribe-the rock band, the cricket and football tournaments by VAPS, the monthly food festivals and so on ensure that it is NOT “all work and no play” for students of IBS Hyderabad. Hostel life in IBS is truly fun. The group studies, the midnight Maggi and sandwiches at Bingers, the late night talkathons with friends, etc. have given us moments which we will remember all our lives.

The calm lush green surroundings and the pleasant environment, indeed, make a difference. For over a year now, it has been a home away from home for me. I now know that I’ll treasure every remaining day that I spend in IBS Hyderabad.

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